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Here's what customers are saying about Janice and her restoration work . . .

Cast aside long ago, retrieved from a old dusty barn loft, my great great grandfather once again lives on happily inside my home. This painting hangs on the wall over the chair I most often sit in as though he is my constant guardian. Thank you Janice for saving this painting from the rubbish pile and turning it into the treasure it once was and is now again. (Dag L., Sweden) Click here to see "Portrait of Samuel Fredrik".

I called Janice after reviewing her website and had her drop by to take a look at my painting. The paint was flaking off and there was discoloration from the previous restoration. Also, the painting was very dirty. After a short while, I was very confident of her ability to restore my precious painting. I also had her arrange to have Optium Museum Acrylic inserted into the existing frame. I was astounded by how beautiful the results were. I am hoping to display this painting in a museum in Los Angeles in the near future. Thank you again to Janice for saving my painting from further deterioration and for making it “museum ready". (Joseph Schames, D.M.D., Ph.D., Curator of Ethnic Cultural Art, La Sierra University World Museum of Natural History) Click here to see "The Art Critic".

A miracle worker. Janice has restored dozens of paintings for us including large and small canvases that had been taken out of their framing and rolled, for decades. They were dirty, missing paint, cracking . . . little better than rags, in many cases. What we got back looked like it was painted yesterday. Absolutely amazing, and reasonable pricing. You will be thrilled at the job she does. (Mark Van Cleve from Long Beach, California)

Mother couldn't have been more thrilled. I didn't show her the photos you took during the restoration process, as she never saw the painting in it's destroyed condition; however, my kids and my aunt were speechless! You practiced magic in the form of great technical skill, creative techniques, and dedication and perseverance beyond belief on that 57 year old painting and brought it back to life and health! We can't thank you enough. If I ever get the chance, I will recommend you without reservation. Thanks again. You are a gem - not only a wonderful craftsman, but a really, really nice person. (Gladys from Gardena, California) Click here to see "Portrait of Peter".

Thank you for working this miracle and saving this painting. It is a picture of the estate my great-grandmother lived on in Denmark. It was painted in the 1870s by her brother.

I was told that this painting had hung for decades in a room over great-grandpa's chair, where he smoked his pipe. When my great-grandparents passed away, the painting was tucked away in a drawer, I suppose because it was too smoked-damaged to display. In the drawer, it got bumped around and torn. I sent the painting to you.

I am so happy with your work. I think the painting looks the way it must have when it was fresh and new. Now I can see the happy, sunny place where my great-grandma played with her brothers and sisters when she was a child. I can't believe that this unsalvageable painting that was headed for the trash is now bright and hanging on the wall again. (Carolyn Jorgensen from Ventura, California) Click here to see "The Jorgensen Family Home".

Initially, I was nervous about my five paintings because of their poor condition, age, and putting them in the hands of someone I did not know. Janice emailed me regularly on the progress she was making. She was very reassuring, and soon my nervousness turned to excitement. What a massive undertaking: removal of aged varnish, wax reline, repair of holes and rips, and major touch up. I am amazed at the outcome! The Madonna and child "glow" and I never realized my precious Angel appears to be crying. Janice, I will forever be grateful for your remarkable talent, tender care, and friendship. (Ann Marie from Hacienda Heights, California) Click here to see "Angel".

I just received the painting back. Thank you for a fantastic job. No one can tell so far where the rip was!" (Kevin E. from West Virginia)

We were so fortunate in finding Janice to do the cleaning and restoration of our art work. She was highly recommended by an art gallery in Torrance. Her work was that of a perfectionist. Beautifully cleaned, and restored. We were exceptionally happy with her work on all of our collection. (Virginia from Torrance, California)

The painting arrived today, the 27th, in great shape. Beautiful job!!!! (Jim from Michigan)

When I acquired a painting from a deceased family member, for whom I cared very much about, I wanted to take very good care of it. The painting had suffered from both cigarette smoke as well as years of smoke from the old fireplace. I did a search of the internet and found Janice Kollar and contacted her with my problem. Her emails were friendly, helpful and very encouraging. After several contacts with her I felt at ease sending my prized painting to her studio for cleaning and restoration. She promptly took care of any problems and returned it safe and sound to me. Through our many correspondences I must say that in addition to caring for my painting she also took time to become a friend. I think you would like to talk to her too. (Terry from North East Michigan)

The painting just arrived. It looks great, especially considering the terrible condition the painting was in. I am very pleased and happy with her. You did an excellent packing job as well. If I have any more work I will certainly send it to you. Thank you again.

(...and later...) "I have the painting hanging in my Dining Room and she will be watching over our Thanksgiving dinner. I'm just as pleased now as when I received the painting back. (Jim from Kentucky)

Janice restored 11 of our early California paintings by Jean Mannheim over the past year and her work was professional and versatile. Beyond cleaning, she repaired a canvas tear, removed problem varnish, relined a brittle canvas, stabilized loose paint, and touched up several flaked paint areas with a touch that made the paintings look great and were undetectable to the eye. She is knowledgeable in her assessment of needed work, reasonable in her charges, and turnaround times. Janice has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with her. (Rich from Moorpark, California) Click here to go to Jean Mannheim's website.

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